What’s in Store: Edibles

Treat your family to the fresh taste of growing your own edible plants. Now is the time to plant your fruit trees, berry plants, and herbs! Check out what we have in store now!


fruit trees

Grow juicy peaches, crisp apples, or tasty figs in your own back yard with our sensational selection of fruit trees.


Apple Trees

apple tree

Apples are a healthy and tasty snack. Or you can take your fresh apples to the next level with a classic and delicious pie. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, you can pick from your favorite apple varieties.

Realfresh™ Granny Smith Apples

granny smith apple

Realfresh™ Granny Smith Apples grow very large fruit with a bright, green color. You will love the crisp texture and tart taste!

Realfresh™ Yellow Delicious Apples

yellow delicious apple

Realfresh™ Yellow Delicious Apples are known for their sweetness and lovely flavor. This tree is vigorous and hardy and will produce large, golden fruit, perfect for growing at home.

Some other fantastic varieties of apple trees available are Realfresh™ Anna, Gala, and Jonathan! Stop by today and pick up your apple tree.


Peach Trees

peach tree

Peaches are juicy, delicious, and can make delicious jams, pies, and cobblers. They are a popular fruit tree, especially in Texas.

Realfresh™ Redskin Peaches

redskin peach

Realfresh™ Redskin Peaches are deep red in color with a sweet, yellow inside. It is resistant to disease and great for baking.

Realfresh™ Belle of Georgia Peaches

belle of georgia peach

Realfresh™ Belle of Georgia Peaches are large with a white flesh. They drop when they are ripe and are known for being a vigorous tree. Enjoy the intensely sweet and delicious flavor!

Other fantastic varieties are the Realfresh™ Harvester, Red Globe, June Gold, and Loring Peaches!


Pear Trees

pear tree

The interesting shape and coloring of a pear will add a layer of texture and design to any landscape! Plus, they provide delicious fruits with a soft yet tasty flavor.

Realfresh™ Hosui Asian Pear

hosui asian pear

Realfresh™ Hosui Asian Pears are the most delicious of all Asian pears. They produce medium to large fruits with a golden skin. They are firm, juicy, and delightfully sweet.

We also have other tasty selections like the Bartlett Pear, Shinkseiki Asian Pear, and more!


Plum Trees

plum tree

Add fresh plum slices to your breakfast, straight from your very own plum tree!

Realfresh™ Bruce Plum

bruce plum

Realfresh™ Bruce Plums normally ripen around June. These large fruits contain a red to orange flesh with a delicious and juicy flavor.




Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries add an array of color to your garden with lots of taste.



Realfresh™ Prime Ark Blackberries

prime ark freedom blackberry

Realfresh™ Prime Ark Blackberries create large, glossy berries with a very sweet flavor. They are thornless and will ripen early in the spring season.

We also have selections available in Arapaho, Traveler, and more!



Realfresh™ Pink Lemonade Blueberry

pink lemonade blueberry plant

Who says Blueberries need to be blue? Try the Pink Lemonade variety. They are the most unique of all blueberry plants with the deep pink fruit it produces.

Or you can stay traditional with the Powder Blue Blueberry or the Tifblue Blueberry for quality berries that can tolerate the spring frosts, heat, and the humidity!



Realfresh™ Dorman Red Raspberry

dorman red raspberry

Self-fertile and tolerant of our ever-changing Texas climate, Realfresh™ Dorman Red Raspberries produce medium to large red berries. They are great for snacking, desserts, jellies, and more!

Explore all the different flavors and create your own “berry” delicious garden. Check out our blog here and learn more about planting your berries in containers!



fresh herbs

Herbs are here! Start creating your own herb garden! Herbs can be used in so many different ways, like in recipes or they can even be used to repel insects!


You will find the traditional favorites like chives, basil, dill, and cilantro. Explore the different variations of these herbs and bring more flavor to your home! Start growing today and enjoy your plants immediately!


Stop by our store nearest you today and check out all our edible plants! Happy planting and happy eating! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!