Fall Porch Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Fabulous Display

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s pumpkin time, y’all! Grab your pumpkin-flavored beverage and let’s get to decorating! Creating a fabulous fall display on your porch or patio is easy! It makes your home feel extra warm and welcoming this time of year and will fill you with excitement for the season!

So here’s our tips on front porch decorating ideas with pumpkins, gourds and more!

To create the perfect fall display, you will need the following:

  1. Large pumpkins
  2. Medium pumpkins and gourds
  3. Indian Corn
  4. Bale of hay (or multiple depending on the size of your display)


autumn harvest

First, when you are selecting your pumpkins and gourds, grab a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. This will help you create a visually pleasing design.

Next, start with the large pumpkins. Set them up on a bale of hay, on outdoor furniture, and however you feel that they should be set up. Starting with the large pumpkins will help create a stable base for adding more pumpkins around it.

fall display

Find some great pumpkins for stacking to add volume and height to your display.



When you have your large pumpkins set and ready to go, set your Indian corn and your medium-sized pumpkins and gourds. Place these around the larger pumpkins, or even add some to the top of your large pumpkins.

fall decor

Fill in the empty space on your bale of hay to keep your display looking full. Next, add your Indian corn. These beauties create an extra colorful addition and a gorgeous texture.

indian corn

Fit the corn into any space that needs an extra dash of color. Use the larger pumpkins to hold the corn or place it on top of the pumpkins.

indian corn ideas


Add that extra sparkle with small pumpkins and gourds. Their cuteness alone will make your display stand out from the rest. Their gorgeous coloring and shapes compliment their small size in a wonderful way.


metal art

While your display will look fabulous with just harvest selections, adding a touch of darling metal art will help your display sing joy to the season.

We have options that range from great Halloween-themed characters to unique Autumn Harvest designs. Check out all we have to offer and find the pieces that speak to your style!

Your fall display is now complete! Setting up a fabulous fall display do not take much time and it makes such an impact.

fall ideas

Happy fall y’all and happy decorating!

Don’t forget! Pumpkin Fest is tomorrow at every store location from 9am to 7pm. Bring the family for some FREE fall fun, crafts, and more! Have fun together selecting your pumpkins for your fabulous fall display!