Embrace the Season: Explore Winter Flowers

Colorful Seasonal Wonders

Winter Wonderland Awaits Your Garden

Get ready to transform your garden into an enchanting chilled paradise! Our carefully curated array of winter plants will help revamp your garden’s seasonal charm to turn it into a delightful outdoor retreat even in the coldest months.

Winter’s Vibrant Treasures

Experience the magic of winter with our top 5 seasonal plants. These resilient wonders thrive in the cool weather to paint your garden and containers with vivid colors to turn your outdoor spaces into a stunning masterpiece.

Essentials for Winter Garden Bliss

Prepare your garden for a cool season delight. Elevate your winter garden experience with the right tools, and let the enchantment of the season unfold in your very own outdoor sanctuary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calloway’s Flower Food is a premium plant food for flowers that is specially formulated to provide the essential nutrients that flowering plants need to thrive! Apply every 30 days from the time of planting. Our 12-4-8 specialized formula contains nitrogen, Fx Iron®, phosphate, and other key ingredients to help your flower bloom have a big, bold color! Fx Iron® is an environmentally friendly source of iron. It helps keep your flowers blooming without staining concrete surfaces.

Calloway’s Premium soils are made from the highest quality ingredients to provide the best conditions for lush color. They contain water-saving ingredients for added moisture control, organic ingredients to promote rapid root growth, enhance nutrient retention, and are designed to balance air and water around the roots for optimal growth.

Our favorite winter flowers in Texas are Matrix® Pansies, Cyclamen, Snapdragons, and Dusty Miller. For added texture Ornamental Cabbage and Kale are a fun addition to any container or landscape!

Remember to use the thriller, filler, spiller method. We use Rosemary Cones or Italian Stone Pines in the middle or back of our container, add in cool season color around it, and then ivy or ferns to spill out the side of your container.

Yes! You can plant Cyclamen in your flower beds for cool season color. Cyclamen is also a fantastic houseplant. Check out our Cyclamen care tips!

As a general guideline, you can check your winter annuals and water when the top inch or two of soil feels dry to the touch. Use a finger or a moisture meter to check the soil’s moisture level. When you water, make sure to water deeply to encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Shallow watering can lead to shallow root development.

Not all winter annuals require the same level of protection. Hardy varieties may tolerate freezing temperatures without significant damage, while more tender plants may need extra care. You can always ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals for recommendations on a specific plant! We recommend that you put a thick layer of mulch at the base of your plants, and keep an N-Sulate Frost Protection Blanket on hand for when you need it!

Landscape Design & Installation

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