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oxalis regnellii plant

Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

Make St. Patrick’s Day a shamrockin’ good time with plants!

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container gardens

Green-Themed Container Gardens for March

Plant for luck with shamrocks! Create a festive display for March with green-themed container gardens!

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geranium container gardens

Update Your Container Gardens with Geraniums

Geraniums are here! Give your containers a seasonal update with gorgeous and vibrant blooms! You can plant beautiful color or use fresh herbs to create a stunning combination for your home.

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white cyclamen

Welcome Winter with Cyclamen

Winter is here! Give your garden a seasonal update with Cyclamen!

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how to plant soiree kawaii catharanthus

Vinca Love: How-To Plant Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus

Did you know “Kawaii” means cute in Japanese? That is exactly what Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus is! These adorable blooms will sparkle in your next container garden! Learn how to plant Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus with these 3 container garden ideas!

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container garden with succulents and cacti

Plant Indoor Container Gardens with Succulents & Cacti

Indoor container gardens are the easiest way to refresh your home for the new year! Learn how to give your space a plant-based makeover with succulents, cacti, and gorgeous pottery!

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