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Father's Day Gardening Gifts

Father’s Day Gardening Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day! Treat the Dad in your life with gardening gifts AND gifts for his grill! Learn more here!

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unique plant choices

5 Unique Plants For Your Home

Unusual plants are fascinating and beautiful. Add extra interest to your container gardens or landscape with the unexpected styles of these 5 unique plants!

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Plant Pruning Tips for the Fall

To prune or not to prune, that is the question. Check these helpful tips on what plants to prune and what to avoid during the Autumn season! Learn more here!

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All About Crotons

Crotons are known for their striking foliage with glossy, colorful leaves! Check out our blog to learn all about our beautiful Croton selections here!

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5 Colorful Summer Blooms To Plant Now

Are your flowerbeds or containers in need of a summer pick-me-up? Try these 5 fantastic options for colorful summer blooms! Learn more here!

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save water

Gardening Tips with Neil Sperry: Gardening To Save Water

Learn how to save water in your garden this summer with these helpful tips from Neil Sperry here!

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summer landscape

How To Refresh Your Landscape This Summer

It’s summer in Texas. Refresh your landscape and keep it healthy and beautiful throughout the season with these helpful tips! Learn more here!

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container gardens

How To Create a Desert Themed Container Garden

Do you want an indoor garden full of vibrant plants, one that’s easy to manage, and relatively low maintenance? Learn how to create your own Desert Themed Container Garden here!

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gardening tools

9 Tools Every Beginner Gardener Needs

Are you new to gardening? Pick up these 9 essential tools for your planting success! Learn more here!

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4th of july container garden

How to Create Your Fourth of July Container Garden

Create your own container garden for your Fourth of July festivities! Learn how to make it here!

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watering tips

10 Watering Tips for Gardening Success

Learn how to properly water your garden for healthy, vibrant plants and your gardening success! Check out our 10 watering tips here!

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2019 Gardening Trends: Composting

Composting lowers your carbon footprint and enriches your soil. Learn more about this 2019 Gardening Trend here!

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